Fantasia Divinity ​Magazine & Publishing

Frequently Asked Questions​

  1. Why don't you email updates to authors individually?
    Although it is extremely important to us to make sure all our authors remain updated with everything that is going on here at FD, it is really difficult and time consuming for us to email everyone individually. Therefore all pertinent updates are made to our Facebook page and website.
  2. I have a story. Can I submit it here?
    That depends. The short answer, probably. We have plenty of projects in the works and accept a wide range of story types and genres, so really, it just comes down to what project will fit it best. On our Submissions pages, you can see the details on how to submit to each project/publication and what we are looking for. It all depends on the length of the story and topic.
  3. Can I get a PDF copy of the anthology I'm in?
    Yes! Just email us and ask for one and we will send it over.
  1. Why does anthology "A" have a monetary payment, anthology "B" have a print copy but anthology "C" just gives a discount and PDF?
    We determine compensation for each project on a case by case basis. It is very important to us to try to get payments/print books out on time, but things happen and we get behind. When this happens, we will change the compensation on new calls in order to help us catch up. Right now, we are running behind so our current calls have PDF and discounts as compensation. It's not that we don't feel authors should get paid for their work, we just don't want to make promises we can't keep or become further behind than we already are.
  2. I have a story in an anthology. When will it be released?
    It can take up to 1 year to release an anthology although we try to do so sooner than that. Please remember that compiling and publishing an anthology is a lot of work and very time consuming. We have to have time to edit all the stories as well as hear back from the authors concerning the edits, so somteimes delays are beyond our control.
  3. Why don't you accept poetry for any of your magazine issues or anthologies?
    Mainly because we don't have anyone currently on staff that is qualified to review and edit poetry.