We are opening a new submission contest. This contest is going to be set up a little different from normal submissions. Below is a list of fairy tales. We are looking for stories based off of these particular fairy tales. We will only except ONE story per fairy tale, so once a fairy tale has been taken, submissions for that one will be closed. WE ARE LOOKING FOR NOVELLA/NOVEL LENGTH WORK. Each story will be published individually as ebook and print. 


Since we are asking for very specific stories, we will accept queries for both finished and incomplete work. HOWEVER YOU MUST HAVE A DETAILED OUTLINE AND SAMPLE CHAPTERS.

We will keep our website and Facebook page updated with the fairy tales that are taken. 

Fairy Tales:
Please see our home page for current list of fairy tales.

How to query a completed manuscript: If your manuscript is COMPLETE, please send us a QUERY LETTER that includes the FAIRY TALE YOU ARE SUBMITTING FOR, YOUR NAME/PEN NAME, and completed WORD COUNT. Also include the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS of your manuscript. If we are interested, we will request your full manuscript.

How to query a partial manuscript/story proposal: If your manuscript is incomplete or you would like to propose an idea for a manuscript, please send us a story PROPOSAL that includes a DETAILED OUTLINE/SUMMARY, ESTIMATED WORD COUNT, THE FAIRY TALE YOU ARE SUBMITTING FOR, YOUR NAME/PEN NAME, ESTIMATED TIME-FRAME NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE MANUSCRIPT, and a SAMPLE CHAPTER. 

Response Time:  Please allow up to one month to respond to queries and three months to respond to full manuscripts. After that, if you don't hear from us then feel free to give us a little nudge.

Multiple & Simultaneous Submissions: We accept both multiple and simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your story is picked up somewhere else.

How does this work?
Books will be published as epub and print on demand. Whether the book is offered in paperback or hardcover depends on the type of book. Some novels may be released in both.

Payment: Authors will receive a percentage of all royalties. AUTHORS DO NOT PAY FOR PUBLICATION. WE PAY FOR ALL PRODUCTION COSTS OF YOUR NOVEL/NOVELLA! This includes, cover art, and editing. 

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, please email me at fantasiadivinity@gmail.com. In the subject line please type FAIRY TALE: [Your Title Here]